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Hex Fuzz Output Expander Ready for Production

This is the prototype Output Expander for our popular Hex Fuzz Amplifier module. It successfully completed testing and is ready for mass production!


Programmable Tone Controls

  • The tone circuitry consists of a low-pass and a high-pass filter cross-faded into the active output circuitry. The capacitor and resistor values are programmable via four dip switches for each channel on the back of the module.

  • A total of 16 unique combinations are selectable for each channel to achieve a wide variety of frequency response curves.

SynQuaNon Bus Connections to Hex Fuzz

  • No patch cables are necessary to connect this expander!

  • Two SynQuaNon Audio Bus cables accept hexaphonic dry guitar (from Hex Fuzz Input Thru) and Hex Fuzz Output signals for processing.

  • The Expander Audio Bus Output can be connected directly to other SynQuaNon modules, such as Hex VCF and Hex VCA, or to our Hex I/O Expander for patching into non-SynQuaNon modules.

Powerful Control over Hex Fuzz Output

  • The Tone controls can be uniquely tailored to each string to get just the right voicing and character for the guitar. This is not possible with mono fuzz pedals!

  • The Volume controls for each string channel allows you to balance the overall mix of fuzz signals and in conjunction with the individual channel Gain controls on the Hex Fuzz module create very musical sounding distortion. Again not possible with traditional fuzz pedals.

  • The Volume controls can also be used to reduce the Hex Fuzz signal output (which is naturally at +/- 5V) to better match other module outputs and prevent downstream input distortion.

  • The Wet/Dry controls allow for precise mixing of dry guitar signals (or whichever signals are present at the Hex Fuzz input) and the Hex Fuzz output for each individual string channel. One could for example get 80% fuzz on the lower guitar strings and 0% fuzz on higher strings. The possibilities are endless!

Preliminary Specifications

Width - 12HP

Depth - 41mm

Power - 15mA ea +12V, -12V

Active circuitry with low impedance outputs

Panel design complements Hex Fuzz layout

Sneak Peak - What's Next?

The third member of the Hex Fuzz family will be a Hex Fuzz Input Expander, already in the prototyping phase. This module can be attached via SynQuaNon Audio and CV Bus connections in front of the Hex Fuzz Amplifier to allow for voltage-controlled fuzz gain! Six individual string channel controls as well as a Master. Stay tuned for more details!

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