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13/19-pin Demo System Wiring Diagram

The Demo system contains two different input modules, namely the 13-Pin Input Breakout and the 19-Pin Input breakout. The former accepts a connection from Roland/BOSS GK compatible guitars, provides power (just like a guitar synth would), breaks out all audio and CV signals, and includes a 20, 30, or 40 dB amplifier to increase audio signals to Eurorack Modular levels (typically +/-5V). The latter accepts a connection from guitars equipped with Cycfi Research Nu Multi/XR Spectra multi-channel (4-8) and monophonic pickups. As with the GK module, the 19-pin Input Breakout supplies the necessary power for all guitar electronics.

As shown in the diagram, a number of audio and CV connections can easily be made through standardized SynQuaNon Bus connectors on the rear of each module. The use of Input Thru connectors wired in parallel with each module's Input connector makes daisy-chaining signals a snap. As a rule, we recommend using the Bus connections for sections of the Audio path and certain CV connections that do not require frequent re-patching. Even so, rearranging the Bus connections only takes a few minutes.

All modules except for the Hex Bypass have audio input, audio output, and CV jacks on the front panels that are normaled to the rear Bus connectors; inserting a patch cable will disconnect the specific Bus channel connection and replace it with your patch. This allows for very creative combinations of Bus connections and alternate patches.

But wait, you say - how do I amplify my Nu Multi signals? There are two options: connect an Audio Bus cable from the rear output of the 19-Pin Input Breakout module to the rear input of the 13-pin Input Breakout module! Do keep in mind that you should not plug a GK guitar into the latter when doing so. The alternative is to use patch cables on the front of the two modules.

Here's a fun question: how many patch cables are eliminated by using the SynQuaNon Audio and CV Bus connections? You're correct if you answered 48! Imagine how nice it is to have modules with easy access to all the controls!

The 13/19-pin Demo systems have a number of support modules that allow the guitarist to get a taste of single-string audio processing. See the Demo System Blog Post for more details, as well as the videos on our YouTube Channel for creative sounds from our demo artists.

Do you own a GK or Nu Multi guitar and would like to try this system for free? Contact us via the website or Facebook for more information.

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