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Hex VU Meter

Programmable VU meter for hexaphonic or polyphonic audio signals


The Hex VU Meter provides a compact visual indication of audio signal levels for six inputs.

Gain controls on the rear of the module allow you to custom calibrate the readouts by adjusting the gain from zero to unity for each channel.

Ideal for guitar multi-channel, single-string, or hexaphonic effects processing.

Version 3 module features the latest SynQuaNon Audio Bus connections on the back.

Hand-assembled in the USA.


  • SynQuaNon Audio Bus Input and Thru connectors on back for patch cable-free connection.

  • Custom calibration via trimmers on back of the module

  • VU meters can be preset for AGC, peak hold options, LED display options.

  • Pairs well with 13-Pin Input Breakout, 7-Channel Amplifier-Attenuator, Hex Fuzz, Hex VCF, Hex VCA, and Hex RF-Gate-Trigger.

Technical Specifications:

Width     10 HP

Depth     35 mm

Power     51 mA @ +12V

                  0 mA @  -12V

                  0 mA @  +5V

Input adjustment    0 - unity gain

Programmable VU meter displays

Reverse power protection, resettable fuses, extensive power supply filtering

View the v3 Manual

View the v2 Manual

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