Eurorack Modules

Eurorack 16HP 13-Pin Input Breakout v3.0

13-Pin Input Breakout

Roland/BOSS GK Guitar Interface

Eurorack 12HP 7-Channel Amplifier Attenu

7-Channel Amplifier-Attenuator

Low-noise AC-coupled Attenuation or Amplification up to 40dB

Eurorack 16HP 13-Pin Output Breakout v3.

13-Pin Output Breakout

Roland/BOSS Guitar Synth Interface

Eurorack 12HP Hex Fuzz Amplifier v1.1 Pa

Hex Fuzz Amplifier

Individual String Fuzz or Overdrive Distortion

Eurorack 16HP 19-Pin Breakout v3.0 Panel with Knobs 020621.png

19-Pin Input Breakout

Cycfi Research 19-Pin Guitar Interface

Eurorack 10HP ATG v1.0 Panel with Knobs


Auto-Tune® for Guitar

Eurorack 25HP Hex VCF v1.0 Panel with Kn


6-Channel VCF with Master Controls for Hexaphonic Processing

Eurorack 18HP Hex VCA v1.0 Panel with Kn


6-Channel VCA with Master Controls for Hexaphonic Processing

Eurorack 10HP Hex VU Meter v1.6 Panel wi

Hex VU Meter

Programmable VU Meter for Audio Signals

Eurorack 3HP Hex IO Expander Panel with

Hex I/O Expander

SynQuaNon Audio and CV Bus to 3.5mm Jacks Expander

Eurorack 10HP Hex Bypass v1.0 Panel with Knobs 061521.png

Hex Bypass
6-Channel CV-controlled True Bypass for Audio or CV Effects

Blank Panels 3U
Available in multiple widths

7V GK Power Supply v2.0.png

7V GK Power Supply

Eurorack Power for GK Guitars

Eurorack Piggyback Power Supply Filter v

Piggyback Power Supply Filter

Fused Filtered Reverse Polarity Protection

Nexus Modules


Nexus® GK Attenuator

Cycfi Research Nu Multi to GK Input Matching

Nexus with Roland GK3 Front Panel.jpg

Nexus® GK Upgrade (Custom Installation)

Cycfi Research Nexus® Breakout Box Upgrade with Roland GK3 Electronics