13-Pin Output Breakout

Roland/BOSS GK Synth Interface


The 13-Pin Output Breakout Module sends signals from your modular system to a Roland or BOSS guitar synthesizer.


It provides attenuated outputs for each string signal as well as the passive pickup signal in order to match the levels typically produced by a GK guitar. 


Standard GK CV signal inputs are provided to control the guitar synthesizer.

Hand-built in the USA.

  • Inputs for each signal in the 13-pin GK interface (audio and CV).

  • Selectable gain range (1x or 10x) for each string and the passive pickup output on back of the module.

  • Adjustable gain or attenuation to zero within each selected gain range.

  • Low-noise audio op-amps for optimal AC performance.

  • Metal film resistors for close gain matching between channels.

  • Pairs well with 13-Pin Input Breakout.

  • Ideal for guitar single-string processing.

Technical Specifications:

Width     16 HP                           

Depth     40 mm                                             

Power     15 mA @ +12V

                 15 mA @  -12V

                  0 mA @  +5V

Gain         0-20 dB

Reverse power protection, resettable fuses, extensive power supply filtering

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