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6-Channel VCF with master controls for hexaphonic or polyphonic processing


The Hex VCF consists of six classic analog low pass filters with a 24dB per octave slope.

It uses the Sound Semiconductor SSI2144, an improved version of the renowned SSM-2044 IC that formed the filter section for countless vintage synths. The filter's tone is warm and creamy at low resonance settings and moves into fat, over-driven squelches at the higher end of its range.


It will self oscillate when resonance is cranked and outputs a pure sine tone. In addition, the frequency CV input tracks volt per octave allowing it to double as a sine wave VCO.

Master cutoff frequency and resonance CV inputs with controls allow for adjustment of all six channels simultaneously.

Ideal for guitar multi-channel, single-string, or hexaphonic effects processing.

Hand-assembled in the USA.


  • Analog 4-pole low pass filters using the Sound Semiconductor SSI2144, an improved version of the renowned SSM-2044 filter topology.

  • CV over frequency and resonance for each channel as well as master control.

  • Frequency CV tracks volt per octave.

  • Two sets of audio inputs via back connectors.

  • SynQuaNon Bus audio input, through, and output headers on the back of the module.  Input and CVs normalled to front panel jacks.

  • Pairs well with 13-Pin Input Breakout, Nexus Input Breakout, Hex Fuzz Amplifier, Hex VU Meter, 7-Channel Amplifier-Attenuator, Hex EF-Gate-Trigger, and Hex VCA.

Technical Specifications:

Width     25 HP

Depth     37 mm

Power     125 mA @ +12V

                 109 mA @  -12V

                     0 mA @  +5V

Freq CV  -8V to +8V Input Range

Res CV    -5V to +5V Input Range

Reverse power protection, resettable fuses, extensive power supply filtering

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