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Hex EF-Gate-Trigger

Six channel envelope follower with gate and trigger outputs for hexaphonic or polyphonic processing


The Hex Envelope Follower module is capable of creating control voltages from six audio sources, trigger pulses, gate signals and also from other control voltages.


It can generate trigger and gate pulses when the incoming signals go above a certain threshold.  You can adjust the attack and decay response times to generate swells or sustained envelopes.


Extract the envelopes of six audio signals or change the time characteristics of other control voltages with the SynQuaNon Hex Envelope Follower. 


Expandable to 7 channels with the single-channel EF_Gate-Trigger module.

Ideal for guitar multi-channel, single-string, or hexaphonic effects processing..

Hand-assembled in the USA.


  • Expandable to 7 channels via expansion header on the back

  • DC coupled inputs accept audio or CV inputs up to +/-12V

  • Input level, gate/trigger threshold, and EF output level controls

  • Normal and inverted EF, Gate, and Trigger CV outputs for each channel

  • Output LEDs provide visual signal level feedback, including EF clipping

  • SynQuaNon Bus audio/CV inputs, through, and output headers on the back of the module.  Inputs on back are normalled to front panel jacks; CV outputs on back are parallel signals

  • Pairs well with 13-Pin Input Breakout, Nexus Input Breakout, Hex Fuzz Amplifier, Hex VU Meter, 7-Channel Amplifier-Attenuator, Hex VCF, EF-Gate-Trigger, and Hex VCA

Technical Specifications:

Width     30 HP

Depth     43 mm

Power     197 mA @ +12V

                   66 mA @  -12V

                     0 mA @  +5V

EF Out, Gate Out, Trigger Out CVs -  0V to 10V

EF Inverted Out CVs  -  -10V to 0V

Reverse power protection, resettable fuses, extensive power supply filtering

View the v3.2 Manual

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