Auto-Tune® for Guitar


The ATG module accepts a hex guitar pickup input and performs a variety of pitch-shifting and guitar modeling transformations.

Based on the latest Antares Auto-Tune® for Guitar module with firmware v3.32.

Controllable with iPad or other MIDI controller.

Hand-built in the USA.

  • Hex pickup input header on back of module.

  • 6-Position encoder for function select (see Antares Auto-Tune® for Guitar manual for details).

  • 13-Position encoder for data selection within each function (see Antares Auto-Tune® for Guitar manual for details).

  • Volume and tone controls, pickup select switch for guitar modeling.

  • MIDI In and MIDI Out DIN connectors for programming and control.

Technical Specifications:

Width     10 HP

Depth     45 mm

Power     165 mA @ +12V

                     0 mA @  -12V

                     0 mA @  +5V

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View the Antares Auto-Tune® for Guitar Manual

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