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Auto-Tune® for Guitar - hexaphonic alternate tuning, perfect intonation, guitar models, doubling and global transpose, virtual capos


The ATG module accepts a hex guitar pickup input and performs a variety of pitch-shifting and guitar modeling transformations.

Based on the latest Antares Auto-Tune® for Guitar module with firmware v3.32.

String Tune allows for alternate tuning on any string, while Solid Tune ™ delivers perfect intonation over the entire fretboard.

12 Guitar models and 12 alternate tunings available via front panel encoders or MIDI.  Doubling and Global Transpose in half steps for quick key changes.  Virtual Capo up or down one octave in half steps.

21 User presets available.

Controllable via MIDI Designer on iPad or other MIDI controller.

Hand-assembled in the USA.


  • Hex pickup input header on back of module, compatible with SynQuaNon Audio Bus.

  • 6-Position encoder for function select (see Antares Auto-Tune® for Guitar manual for details).

  • 13-Position encoder for data selection within each function (see Antares Auto-Tune® for Guitar manual for details).

  • Volume and tone controls, pickup select switch for guitar modeling.

  • MIDI In and MIDI Out DIN connectors for programming and control.

Technical Specifications:

Width     10 HP

Depth     45 mm

Power     165 mA @ +12V

                     0 mA @  -12V

                     0 mA @  +5V

View the Manual

View the Antares Auto-Tune® for Guitar Manual

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