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Piggyback Power Supply Filter

Reverse Power Protection, Resettable Fuses, Extensive Power Filtering


The Piggyback Power Supply Filter is intended for use with Eurorack modules that have no reverse power protection and/or inadequate power supply filtering.

Plugs into Eurorack case power distribution board or flying bus and provides protected filtered power to module.

This module is available in either a limited edition Black/Copper/Clear mask or Purple/Copper/Purple mask PCB versions.

Hand-assembled in the USA.


  • Keyed connectors on top and bottom for mistake-proof operation.

  • Reverse power protection.

  • Littelfuse PolySwitch® resettable PPTC fuses.

  • Extensive filtering on each power line using electrolytic + ceramic capacitors and ferrite inductors.

  • Hand-made in USA.

Technical Specifications:

Width     41 mm

Length   36 mm

Height    13 mm

Power     0 mA @ +12V

                 0 mA @  -12V

                 0 mA @  +5V

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