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Nexus® GK Upgrade (Custom Installation)

Cycfi Research Research Nexus® upgrade with Roland GK-3 electronics and Synth-Linx GK output jack


Allows for driving Roland/BOSS guitar synthesizers with Cycfi Research Nu Multi® pickups and control voltages, while retaining full functionality of the Nexus® Breakout Box.

Note that this is a custom installation in a customer-supplied Cycfi Research Nexus® Breakout Box.  Upgrade and delivery will take approximately 2-3 weeks after receipt of the Nexus® Breakout Box.

Hand-assembled in the USA.


  • Custom Aluminum front panel with recessed GK jack and optional power LED.

  • Six Nu Multi audio channel signals can be attenuated via single-turn trimpots.

  • Roland/BOSS GK control voltages are connected to Nexus channels (user-selectable) and fed to guitar Internal Breakout Board; guitar must have appropriate switches and pots to be GK-compatible.

  • Synth-Linx® GK Jack with custom cabling and connectors.

  • Optional Roland GK-KIT-GT Internal GK3 board installed.

  • Full functionality of Nexus® Breakout Box retained.

Technical Specifications:

Channels 1-6 connected to GK Jack directly or optionally via Roland Internal GK Board.

User-selectable channels for 4 Roland/BOSS control voltages (SW1, SW2, MIX SW, GK VOL).  These CVs should be generated inside the guitar.

Attenuation 0 - Unity Gain for optimal guitar synth input sensitivity matching.

Optional Roland GK-KIT-GT board power supplied by guitar synth via GK jack.

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