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Why Have SynQuaNon Audio and CV Buses?

Audio Signal Path

Let's look at a simple audio signal path for single-string processing. In this diagram each arrow represents a hexaphonic connection, i.e. 6 channels of audio:

This layout, while quite basic, is capable of generating a large number of guitar effects, ranging from fuzz, distortion, and wah to phase shifting and tremolo. The send/receive block adds an unlimited amount of additional processing using external effects, such as guitar pedals, rackmount gear, and DAW plugins.

Eurorack Modules

Some of these blocks are currently available as SynQuaNon hexaphonic modules, such as the 13-Pin Input Breakout, Hex Bypass, Hex Fuzz Amplifier, Hex VCF, and Hex VCA. To complete the diagram in the new SynQuaNon Studio Case, commercially available modules (WMD MSCL Stereo Compressor, Takaab Triple Passive Attenuator, Ferry Two Channel Send/Return, WMD AXYS Stereo Cross-Fade, Befaco Hex-Mix, Erica Synths Pico DSP) were inserted in the quantities required to process 6 channels.

This is what the resulting connections look like:

What a mess, right? Oh, could you please adjust the Fuzz level on channel 3? It's buried under patch cables! The reason is that other manufacturers' modules do not have audio and CV bus connections; very few modules are even available with 6 channels (note the triplicate modules).

SynQuaNon Bus to the Rescue

Note that when connecting between SynQuaNon modules (19-Pin Input Breakout > 7-Channel Amplifier-Attenuator, 13-Pin Input Breakout > Hex EF-Gate-Trigger, Hex VCF > Hex VCA) using the Audio and CV Bus connections at the rear of the modules the front panels are completely clear and provide excellent access to all pots and switches.

SynQuaNon Hex replacement modules for all remaining modules in this diagram (Hex Compressor, Hex Attenuator, Hex Send/Receive, Hex Cross-Fade, Hex Mixer) are being developed and planned for release over the next 24 months. These will of course feature standard Audio and CV Bus connections; since each bus type has input, thru, and output connectors there is no need for Hex Mult(iple) modules - the thru connection automatically provides a duplicate of the input signal.

The goal is to have a 6-channel audio processing chain that has default connections via the Buses with uncluttered front panels, yet is completely modifiable through patch cables if the user so desires (the front panel jacks are normaled to the Bus connections on the back, so the latter are disconnected when a patch cable is inserted with a different signal source).

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