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19-Pin Input Breakout Module

In our third installment of the SynQuaNon Eurorack Module series, we focus on the other very important multi-channel (hexaphonic for some) guitar module, the Nexus 19-Pin Input Breakout!

Based on the Cycfi Research Nu Multi & Nexus Breakout system, this module features a LEMO-compatible 19-pin medical-grade metal jack. The Cycfi system can carry up to 15 channels of combined audio and control voltages (CVs). The SynQuaNon Nexus Input Breakout module allows one to assign channels 7-15 to either audio or CV output jacks for easier patching, via a header with jumpers on the back of the module.

Also on the back is an 16-pin header with all outputs for connection to other SynQuaNon modules with rear inputs.

Just like the Cycfi Research Nexus breakout box, this Eurorack module supplies +12V and ground to the guitar's Nu Multi Internal Breakout board to power the pickups and CV pots/switches.

A nice bonus is the option (via another set of jumpers) to send -12V and +5V over spare channels for those who wish to have bipolar analog power as well as digital logic power (in effect, all of Eurorack power options) in their guitar or bass. SynQuaNon has a custom Nu Multi Internal Breakout board that routes these to proper headers for use in the guitar or bass.

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