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What's in our lab right now?

Current projects in the SynQuaNon pipeline include:

> Hex Fuzz Amplifier Module with Output Mixer (7 Channels total) > 7-Channel Envelope Follower/Gate/Trigger Module > Hex VCF + VCA Module with Two Inputs per Channel

These upcoming modules will feature the new SynQuaNon Standard 6- and 7-Channel Audio and CV Bus Interface connections on the rear.

The 15-conductor audio bus standard features 2 conductors per channel (signal and ground) and a shield connection. Each channel utilizes a twisted-pair approach for noise reduction; in addition, the entire bus is enclosed in a grounded shield. Standard, non-twisted pair unshielded cabling will be available as well.

Automotive-grade JST 13-pin and 2-pin connectors are used throughout.

While the audio bus is standard across all modules, CV connections are customized by module, since not all CVs are required for each function.

The minimum audio configuration consists of Input, Through, and Output connections, either 6- or 7-channel depending on the module, similar to the MIDI standard. The Through connection allows for daisy-chaining audio inputs to multiple modules. Some modules like the Hex VCF + VCA with input mixers will have multiple Input and Throughput audio connections on the back.

Note that all modules feature input jacks normaled to the rear Input connector; one can still use patch cables to customize connections between modules!

Once fully implemented across the product line, the audio and CV bus interface standard will allow all SynQuaNon modules to be interconnected without any patch cables to create a fully functional guitar single-string processor. This is analogous to the ARP-2600 synth!

Stayed tuned and go make some music!

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