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SynQuaNon 19-pin Eurorack Demo System Available!

Are you curious about single-string guitar audio processing, but don't want to spend money first? Do you have a guitar with Cycfi Research Nu Multi pickup(s)?

Here's your chance to try out SynQuaNon's 19-pin Eurorack modular demo system. This travel case (it fits in an airline overhead compartment) contains most of the current SynQuaNon modules and a number of others that provide mixing, sequencing, modulation, effects, etc. The 19-pin Input Breakout module makes available all 15 channels in the Cycfi Nu Multi system; you can experiment with a host of pickup and CV control combinations. Six line level outputs and two line level inputs for connections to audio interfaces/DAWs and other studio equipment are included in the case. Patch cables and manuals for all modules are included with the demo case, as is personal support via text, email, phone, or video chat. We want you to succeed and have fun!

The case will be shipped to you (and returned to us) free of charge and you can experiment with it until the wait list fills up again. The last demo guitarists each had the case for several months. All we ask for in return are short video recordings of your creative experiments to share on our website blog and Facebook page. For examples of previous work, please search the blog!

A few FAQs:

  • Is this a guitar synthesizer? No - this is a hexaphonic guitar audio effects processor capable of creating unique effects on each guitar string or groups of strings. There is no pitch detection in this demo case (it is available in the Eurorack format from other manufacturers)

  • Do I need Eurorack modular experience? Not really, although it helps - the learning curve is not steep. The primary challenge for traditional guitarists is the difference between presets and patch cables! Think of this as six parallel pedal boards with fully configurable effects.

  • Can I connect this to my existing modular synthesizer? By all means! That'll increase the excitement by tenfold.

  • I live overseas, can I participate? Unfortunately international shipping rates cause us massive heart failure and we have to limit this offer to the Continental US.

Ask any additional questions via this blog or our Facebook page.

We will leave this offer open for a short time only, so submit your interest soon!

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