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Module post series: 13-Pin Input Breakout

Today we feature the SynQuaNon Eurorack 13-Pin Input Breakout module. This module opens up a whole new world for guitarists who either already own a guitar with a Roland GK 13-pin pickup or are planning to get one! Contrary to the BOSS or Roland guitar synthesizers, the Eurorack modular world has over 8,000 different modules to choose from!

This means you can create a custom guitar synth to suit your particular needs! In addition, 6-channel guitar processing now becomes a reality (vs stereo only in BOSS/Roland synths), as well as multi-channel (2-6) outputs for psycho-acoustic effects. In short, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

The SynQuaNon 13-Pin Input Breakout module provides access to all guitar/string signals and GK control voltages from the GK guitar connection in the form of Eurorack-standard 3.5mm jacks. In addition, a built-in low noise 7-channel amplifier/attenuator (20dB, 30dB, or 40dB are options) amplifies the 6 string and passive pickup signals to Eurorack levels (typically +/-5-10V) for processing in the multitude of models mentioned above.

Welcome to the world of guitar synth nirvana!

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