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Input/Output Matrix Using the Hex I/O Expander

Build an input/output matrix on one side of your Eurorack case with the SynQuaNon Hex I/O module!

> Move all those other manufacturer's modules and their patch cables out of the way - connect audio and CV via the SynQuaNon Bus on the back

> Use it to change the order of your modules in the signal chain and keep patch cables away from the front panel controls

> With a few Mults added, use it to distribute hex CV signals to multiple modules (more than 2, you can already patch into 2 separate modules)

Below is an example with six Hex I/O modules - there is no limit on how many you can use other than the size of your Eurorack case!

Let your imagination run free! We offer generous volume discounts on the Hex I/O module for this purpose - contact us for your requirements and a quote!

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