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How do you control volume on a Hexaphonic Guitar?

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

When building a multichannel guitar with outputs for each string, one of the first challenges you may run into is: how in the world do you control the volume? A standard volume pedal won't work because it only deals with mono or stereo signals. MIDI control of a digital mixer or DCA is an option, but limitations on MIDI resolution, de-zippering and other standard control issues pose a challenge.

One great solution that keeps your signal entirely in the analog domain is to simply use the SynQuaNon Hex VCA module and control its Master Level CV input using a foot pedal.

Here I've patched a volume pedal into the MST Expressor module which creates a control voltage (CV) proportional to pedal position that can be used like any other CV signal in a Eurorack modular system patch. If you wanted, you could even change the response curve of the volume pedal by passing the CV signal through a CV processing module.

Super simple. Not a lot to say. How have I even said this much about a volume pedal?

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