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Hex Envelope Follower - Gate -Trigger

What is 6 + 1?

Here’s our new Hex Envelope Follower-Gate-Trigger module with the 1 Channel version next to it. Folks with 7- or 8-string guitars can get theirs by combining the two!

Outputs include envelope (EF), inverted envelope (EFINV), gate, and trigger for each channel. Input sensitivity, gate threshold, and EF level controls allow for fine tuning of each string’s response. Attack and Decay sliders can modify the envelope for swell and sustain effects.

SynQuaNon Audio and CV Bus connectors on the back allow for connection to other SynQuaNon modules without patch cables. All connections on the front are normalled so you can experiment with other patches!

This unit is still in final test; it should be available in the web store in December.

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