GK-13 Demo System Recordings by Rick Burnett

Updated: Jun 6

SynQuaNon GK 13-Pin Demo System

Rick Burnett recently had an opportunity to experiment with our GK 13-Pin Demo system. He has an extensive synth and Eurorack modular studio, which he used to supplement and record the demo system. The guitar was equipped with a Cycfi Research Nu Multi 6 pickup and 19-pin connector; a Cycfi Research Nexus GK Breakout Box provides the 13-pin GK output for the demo system (our 19-pin demo system was on the West Coast at the time, otherwise he could have used it for a direct connection to the guitar).

Thanks, Rick! It is exciting to see how the SynQuaNon modules integrate with others. The possibilities for new guitar sounds are now endless!

Sample 1:

Split the strings into two categories, three that came through the Hex Fuzz and then out into a mix, and the other three through the Hex VCF filter, with a Hex EF-Gate-Trigger envelope driving the cut-off. This was all just using SynQuaNon modules. The goal here is I wanted to see how it felt with the strings getting different dynamics. The ones coming straight out would ring longer, whereas I allowed the envelope of some strings to pull out those strings kinda quickly. Not a lot of Q so we didn’t get the cutoff being accentuated.

Sample 2:

For this test I split the strings into 3 categories. Two strings were fed into the E520 from Synthesis Technology (Hyperion Effects Processor). Two strings were volume modulated with the combination of the Instruo øchd and the Erica Synths Pico Scale. The last 2 strings were allowed to distort with the Hex Fuzz. I wanted to see with a slower pattern, how my attention to the different strings changed the feel of each portion I was playing. This was definitely a lot of fun to experiment with.