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Bass VI Poly Tremolo

Been having a blast exploring the SynQuaNon demo system! Exploring the virtually infinite textures it puts at my disposal is an endlessly rewarding endeavor.

This session was all about exploring poly tremolo (different tremolo speeds per string) effects with the SynQuaNon Hex VCA. To make this effect I split two LFO outs from a euro module to modulate two string VCAs each (4 total), and a 3rd CV LFO out from my Dogmatek Arctic Wolf (blue with big green pulsating LED) also split to modulate the remaining 2 string VCAs.

My bass VI is equipped with a Cycfi Nu-Multi 6 hexaphonic (separate string outputs) pickup in the bridge position. This is an active neodymium pickup with flat response from 20hz-50kHz. The four pots are all active CV controllers that send CV control signals from a breakout box to various parameter inputs on the Eurorack modules.

I have one of my CV knobs set to control master LFO speed on the euro multi-LFO module, one to the Hex VCA Master Volume (effectively controls tremolo depth), one to the SynQuaNon Hex VCF Master Resonance, and an expression pedal to Hex filter Master Frequency cutoff.

My EHX Pitch fork generating polyphonic 5ths is the finishing touch for achieving a really dense, synth-like sound with zero need for any VCOs or pitch-tracking guitar synths of any kind.

Since hex distortion eliminates the harsh intermodulation distortion which traditional electric guitar setups rely on narrow bandwidth cabs to tame, this was recorded direct into a stereo tube line preamp (Sonic Farm Creamer+) with no cab sims of any kind, completely unfiltered (aside from the hex VCF, which is often fully open throughout the clip).

Signal flow diagram below:

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