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Arpeggios from Sequenced VCF

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Here's another quick example of some of the great fun I got into while experimenting with the SynQuaNon Hexaphonic Eurorack modules. Here I'm using my guitar equipped with the CycFi Research Nu Multi divided pickup to send six signals (one for each string) to the SynQuaNon demo system. Each string's signal is individually processed through the Hex Fuzz Amp and the Hex VCF. I'm using the BASTL Knit Rider 6-channel sequencer to trigger envelopes on the Bubblesound HEX a(s)r module. Those envelopes control the cutoff frequency of each of the 6 filters in the SynQuaNon Hex VCF module. I set the base frequency for the VCF quite low so that when the envelope triggers, the filters open and close (frequency rises and falls) quickly, causing an apparent jump in volume. It's like triggering a VCA, but with a pleasing "filter-like" character: I'm essentially turning each string on and off using a sequencer.

Then by holding notes on my guitar, I can create an arpeggiation effect using this sequenced filter.

I run the signal from each of the strings into an Eventide H9000 where I am applying a light modulation and slight reverb.

Now, just to be fair - there IS one little additional 'trick' going on here: The guitar I'm using is equipped with a Vo96 Sustain/Harmonic control system. This allows each string of my guitar to sustain “indefinitely" while I hold strings down. Now I know that the Vo96 is a fairly obscure device and not many people have one, but the same general effect can be achieved using any technique which increases sustain/note duration on guitar...such as running the instrument through a distortion circuit, compression, or using a device like an Ebow or Sustainiac. The point is, you don't NEED a guitar with a built infinite sustain; there are many other techniques you can use to achieve similar effects. The BIG FUN here is the SynQuaNon Hex VCF and controlling all channels with a sequencer.

This is just an exploration/test/demo. I REALLY look forward to having more time with this rig and working these techniques into my playing.

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