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An Expandable Modular Case System

Scopic Modular produces a series of Eurorack Modular cases that can be expanded! This means you could start small and build up your system as you acquire more modules, without having to sell your old case and buy a larger one! This is a real advantage.

They have chosen to provide the outstanding Genus Modu Low Impedance Bus Boards (LIBB), which I have determined to be the best choice for low noise single string effects processing. In addition, the Daitron LFS150A-12 power supplies they chose are among the best low-noise linear supplies available with 7.5mV p-p (5.3mV RMS) ripple, just above my recommended Acopian Gold Box Linear Triple Output Power Supplies, which achieve an astonishing 1.0mV RMS noise ripple.

My only wish is that the Scopic Modular TDP-12 power unit also provided 5V for the Genus Modu LIBB; this is not a show-stopper, as most Eurorack modules today don't require 5V or generate this internally from the 12V bus.

If you're serious about studio-quality audio for single-string processing, you should invest in a Eurorack case with the lowest-noise power distribution system available. While not inexpensive, it is as essential as a great studio mixer board.

Genus Modu has written an excellent study, titled Eurorack Power Distribution and Noise White Paper; it is highly recommended reading!

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