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Eurorack Modules

Eurorack 16HP 13-Pin Input Breakout v3.0
Eurorack 16HP 19-Pin Breakout v3.0 Panel with Knobs
Eurorack 12HP 7-Channel Amplifier Attenu
Eurorack 16HP 13-Pin Output Breakout v3.
Eurorack 12HP Hex Fuzz Amplifier v1.1 Pa
Eurorack 25HP Hex VCF v1.0 Panel Black 0
Eurorack 18HP Hex VCA v1.0 Panel with Kn
Eurorack 10HP Hex VU Meter v1.6 Panel wi
Eurorack 10HP Hex Bypass v1.0 Panel with Knobs
Eurorack 10HP ATG v1.0 Panel Black 02132
Eurorack 3HP Hex IO Expander Panel with
Eurorack 30HP Hex EF-Gate-Trigger v3.0 P
Eurorack 5HP Hex EF-Gate-Trigger v3.0 Pa

SynQuaNon designs and manufactures Eurorack modules, as well as custom guitar electronics dedicated to single-string guitar, hexaphonic guitar, or polyphonic synthesizer processing.  All products are hand-assembled in the USA.

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