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SynQuaNon Hex ATG!

This small Eurorack case starts with the 13-Pin Input Breakout (for GK guitars - one could also substitute the Nexus Input Breakout for Cycfi Research Nu Multi guitars). The 6 string and 1 passive pickup audio signals are available via a header on the back of the module, in addition to the jacks on the front panel.

Each ATG module is designed to function exactly as if it were installed in a guitar and can accept all 7 audio signals via the standard hex pickup input on the DSP board in the back of the module (the passive signals are used in bypass mode and are not processed with AutoTune). A single ATG module presents a mono, mixed output after hex processing the string audio.

However, if one routes each hex string signal to a separate ATG module, the 6 outputs represent a hex AutoTuned signal that can now be passed on to BOSS/Roland guitar synths for further processing. This is done via the 13-Pin Output Breakout module on the right.

Why am I doing this? Because I really love what the ATG does for guitar, but was frustrated with the fact that one cannot simultaneously use the ATG mixed mono output with GK synths driven by the same guitar, mainly because they can very easily be out of tune with each other. Now one can put them in series!

.....or just use a Eurorack ATG module all by itself! It's a LOT smaller than the ATG-1 and does not require routing your favorite guitar!

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