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Custom 19-pin Jack Plate Assemblies now available!

It all started with the custom Strandberg Boden Classic hexaphonic conversion. Now SynQuaNon is pleased to offer two additional 19-pin jack assemblies for use with Cycfi Research Nu Multi pickups:

Stratocaster Football Jack 19-pin assembly

This assembly is fully compatible will all Stratocaster models and requires no modification to the football cavity!

The 19-pin jack is prevented from rotation, thus insuring any accidental loosening with use.

High-quality shielded cabling with custom lengths are used to connect to Cycfi Research Nu Multi Internal Breakout boards (plug and play). The custom lengths are designed to minimize cable intrusion into the Stratocaster electronics cavity, as well as allowing for optimum placement of the Internal Breakout board.

19-Pin Body Side Jack Plate Assembly

This assembly can be installed in virtually any type of guitar. Shown is the natural Aluminum version; also available are various custom anodization colors (Gold, Black, etc.) as well as Chrome and Nickel plating.

A custom plate gasket ensures a perfect fit to curved guitar bodies. The jack plate prevents rotation of the 19-pin connector, thereby avoiding loosening with use.

Custom cable lengths are used to match the distance between jack plate and Cycfi Research Internal Breakout Board locations in order to minimize any unnecessary cable intrusions in the electronics cavity.

Both straight and right-angle 19-pin plugs may be used with this assembly; the latter is definitely our favorite!

SynQuaNon can supply 10-foot high-quality shielded 19-pin guitar cables with a right-angle plug at one end for this specific application.

Initially the three jack plate assemblies and cable will be available only as part of custom guitar or guitar retrofit orders. Let us do the installation for you!

For additional information, pricing, and availability please contact SynQuaNon via the Facebook page or via the website.

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