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Meet the Traveling Demo System Twins! Ready for the Contest!

The two identical SynQuaNon Eurorack Demo Systems have been outfitted with the latest modules and are now traveling in style comfortably nestled inside their own Pelican case.

They will be taking part in the 2024 SynQuaNon Song Writing Contest (more details to follow in the coming weeks)! This will be a limited entry contest where hexaphonic guitarists (two at a time) spend about 4 weeks with one of the Demo Systems and use it to create a song that is then judged against the other participants.

We will put out a call for entrants and select 4 to start with. The goal is to use only the modules available in the Demo Systems (it wouldn't be much of a challenge otherwise, right?) to create tracks for their song (multiple tracks are great, no need to record in one take). In addition, participants are encouraged to submit teaser snippets from their sonic experimentation. Once the first two artists are done the twins will travel to the next group.

Shipping costs will be covered by SynQuaNon and there's no entry fee! All we ask for in return is an honest effort to explore the myriad of sounds possible in the Demo Systems.

What's in it for the participants? Prizes!

  • First place: $1,500 worth of SynQuaNon modules

  • Second place: $1,000 worth of SynQuaNon modules

  • Third place: $750 worth of SynQuaNon modules

  • Fourth place: $500 worth of SynQuaNon modules

Judging will be done by the SynQuaNon Members and Staff. Stay tuned - more details to follow!

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