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Strandberg Hexaphonic Boden Classic!

The first SynQuaNon modern hexaphonic guitar prototype has been completed: meet the .strandberg* Boden Classic with Cycfi Research Nu Multi 6 hexaphonic pickup, ready for single-string processing as well as GK synths. Features include:

> Cycfi Research Nu Multi 6 v2 and EMG Maverick Five RA-5 active pickups

> 19-pin LEMO-compatible jack and cable, right angle or straight plug

> SynQuaNon Eurorack 19-pin Breakout Module or Cycfi Research Nexus GK breakout box

> Master Volume, Master Tone, 5-Way Switch for EMG active pickups

> CV Pot and GK Mix Switch for synth control

This guitar was developed as a modern alternative to the aging GK 13-pin guitars, with superior pickup performance, both hexaphonic and traditional. In addition to pitch tracking it is ideal for single-string (hexaphonic, multichannel) guitar processing, an exciting new technology that enables sounds and tones never before possible.

t is also uniquely suited for single-string (hexaphonic, multichannel) guitar processing, an exciting emerging technology with capabilities unheard of in current guitar synthesizers.

Please inquire directly to for pricing and availability.

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