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More SynQuaNon Demo Systems Available!

Due to popular demand we have added more SynQuaNon Demo Systems for you to try out our modules.

Our Demo Systems now ship in Pelican AIR cases for maximum protection. No need to struggle with boxes and packaging materials.

Inside the case you will find the Intellijel 7U Performance Case with power adapter, patch cables and a binder with important information, including wiring diagrams and user manuals for all modules. Lots of protective padding!

When you first unpack the Demo system it will be ready to go with the basic wiring in place via SynQuaNon Audio and CV Bus connections behind the modules. Plug in your 13-pin or 19-pin guitar, power up and make some sounds!

A closer look reveals the support (non-SynQuaNon) modules included in the Demo System. These provide a variety of modulation control voltages (CVs), including envelope generation (EG), low-frequency oscillator (LFO), dual expression pedal interface, low-pass gate (LPG), voltage-controlled amplifier (VCA), and sequencer. All extremely useful for creating innovative sounds!

The six channels of string audio can be level shifted and output via 1/4" TRS jacks on the back to an audio interface or set of amplifiers for immersive psycho-acoustic effects. A six-channel panning mixer and stereo effects module are included for stereo output.

All SynQuaNon modules except for 13-pin Output Breakout and ATG are included for experimentation.


  1. We pay for shipping to you and back to us

  2. We provide any information and guidance you need

  3. You may use the system for an extended period until it is requested by another guitarist

  4. In return we ask that you create short (30-180s) videos of your creative sounds that we can post in this blog and our YouTube channel (explore our blog for examples)

To reserve your slot on the list, please contact us via this website or on our Facebook page. We look forward to hearing from you!

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