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7V GK Power Supply

Eurorack Power for GK Guitars


The 7V GK Power supply plugs into your Eurorack power distribution board or flying bus and provides +/-7V DC via a 6-pin IDC connector.

It is available with a maximum current capability of either 1A or 100mA.

Hand-assembled in the USA.


  • Output voltages are adjustable via 20-turn trimpots.

  • Two versions: 1A, 100mA.

  • Keyed 16-pin connector on bottom.

  • Pairs well with 13-Pin Input Breakout, 7-Channel Amplifier-Attenuator.

Technical Specifications:

Width     33 mm

Length   38 mm

Height     21 mm

Power     24 mA @ +12V (Typical power draw with GK guitar connected)

                 24 mA @  -12V

                   0 mA @  +5V


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