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Unique Composition by Fabio Mittino

Here’s a great example of separate strings processing, where Fabio applies different effects to three sets of strings. Enjoy!

I was never fluent in English (although one of my desires is to perfectly speak Appalachian English one day, but that's another story), but I must admit how my pronunciation here is a mix of Berlusconi and Super Mario... one of the many effect of no touring for too long, I guess! Anyway, here I (try) to explain the use of my polyphonic pickup, made by Cycfi Research Inc. , processed with various effects, courtesy from Eventide Audio. This composition of mine is called Toy Dreamer. The studio version is on youtube too, with a video done together with Automata artist Teun de Wijs. Hope you'll like it! Fabio Strings: GHS Strings Guitar: #ricktoone Picks: Hiroshi Iketani

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I was overly impressed by Fabio and "Toy Dreamer". The sound produced by his entire system is incredible. Makes me wish I could play the guitar ... even if modified. Nice work, Fabio!

Peter Knoot
Peter Knoot
Mar 01, 2022
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Fabio is very talented, indeed!

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