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SynQuaNon 19-Pin Demo System in Detail

Let's take a closer look at the SynQuaNon 19-pin demo system, designed to accept inputs from a guitar fitted with the awesome Cycfi Research Nu Multi hexaphonic pickup (and lots of CV control).

Note the SynQuaNon modules have no patch cables! They are interconnected via the SynQuaNon Audio and CV Bus cables on the back of the modules. It's striking when you compare that to the other manufacturers' modules in the demo case, isn't it?

The key point is that certain inter-module connections simply don't get changed very often, if at all. Imagine having bundles of 6 patch cables for the audio path all over the place, and then having to stick your hand through that web in order to make adjustments to the controls!

The best part is that even though all the SynQuaNon modules are interconnected in the back, changing the signal routes is still possible simply by using patch cables in the front jacks (because these are normalled to the back connectors). You can have your cake and eat it too!

But what about the other manufacturers' modules, you ask? They don't have bus connections on the back. The Hex I/O module can come to the rescue: it can adapt any other Eurorack module to the SynQuaNon Audio and CV Buses. For instance, you can move all other modules over to one side of the case and connect them with patch cables to a dedicated Hex I/O, which then adds the Audio and CV Bus connections.

Or create an entire patch matrix using the Hex I/O! The possibilities are endless.

Final note: this system is now ready for demo rounds; the goal is to a) get feedback on the designs, UI, sounds, etc., and b) to create audio and video recordings for the web. If you own a Cycfi Research Nu Multi-equipped guitar and would like to get your hands on this system, please contact us via Messenger or email!

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