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How to use the Hex VCF as a Hex Oscillator

Here's a detailed description by Eleanor Fontaine of using the Hex VCF Resonance to cause the six filters to self-oscillate. Using the Frequency controls enables you to set up a different oscillator for each string!

The cool part is that once you're set up each channel, you can control them with your guitar envelope via the Hex EF-Gate-Trigger or an external waveform generator. Pinging the filter through the CVs will create all kinds of new sounds!

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Thankyou for the mini tour of the infernal contraption :-)

I’m really looking forward to seeing / hearing some sounds


Purple Ping Party!

Very 🆒

Excited to hear what you come up with, Eleanor 🎛️🎛️🎛️🎚️🎚️🎚️

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