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The basic Nexus GK Upgrade includes installation of:

  • a SynQuaNon custom aluminum replacement panel
  • a SynQuaNon GK Hex Attenuator
  • a SynQuaNon custom Synth-Linx metal GK jack/cable assembly

into a customer-supplied Cycfi Research Nexus® Breakout Box.


Multiple options exist:


For customer-supplied Nexus Breakout Box:

  • add Roland GK-KIT-GT Internal GK3 board


Alternatively, SynQuaNon can supply the Nexus Breakout Box:

  • with or without the MIDI Board option
  • with or without the Roland GK-KIT-GT Internal GK3 board


For customer-supplied Nexus Breakout Boxes we can arrange for an exchange with a new, fully upgraded box as long as the customer-supplied unit is brand new and unused.  This will result in significantly shorter delivery time.  Call or email for availability and details.


The GK upgrade may take up to 2-3 weeks depending on availability of parts (Roland GK Kit and jack assemblies).  We can confirm inventory and delivery at the time of customer-supplied Nexus receipt.  Call or email for questions and details.


Price includes USPS Priority Shipping upon completion.


Hand-built in the USA.

Nexus® GK Upgrade (Custom Installation)

SKU: SY-NX-001
PriceFrom $215.00
  • This is a custom order.

    Shipment via USPS Priority Mail will be approximately 2-3 weeks from receipt of customer Nexus Breakout Box.

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