The 13-Pin Input Breakout module receives signals from a GK-3 compatible guitar and converts them to modular levels using low-noise audio op-amps.

Gain controls allow you to adjust the gain from zero to full-scale in the amplified string outputs.

The module provides power to the electronics in your GK-3 compatible guitar.


Hand-built in the USA.


Important Note:   This module has been tested successfully with Roland GK-3, Graph Tech Hexpander, and RMC Poly-Drive pickup systems.  Roland GK-2A pickups (including those on the Fender GC-1) WILL NOT WORK with this module.  There massive issues with noise and impedance that prevent high-quality audio with GK-2A.  Please use only products with the pickups listed above!

13-Pin Input Breakout

Amplifier gain
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