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Sequencing both Hex VCF and Hex VCA

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

In other examples I have used the 6-channel sequencer to control either the individual channel frequency of the Hex VCF or the individual channel volume of the Hex VCA. Here I am using the sequencer to control BOTH the VCF and VCA on some strings of my instrument, while other strings feature just VCA control or even just pedal control of the VCF.

The result is essentially a guitar processing system which functions very much like a modular synth, but is really utilizing the strings of the guitar as "oscillators".

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Peter Knoot
Peter Knoot
08 jun 2021

I believe that's a Cycfi Research Nu Multi 6.

Me gusta

Nice. What sort of pickup system are you using with the Vo ?

Me gusta
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