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Rig Rundown: nerVenickels' Compact SynQuaNon Setup

1999 Warmoth Custom Strat with Ghost bridge pickup system. Expert Sleepers ES-3 ES-6 ADAT

MiniDSP USB optical I/O into Ipad Pro via USB-C uni HUB AUM iOS app with BLEASS AUv3 audio and MIDI plugins Headrush FRFR-108 cabinet

SynQuaNon GK In, Hex VCF, Hex VCA, (single gate/trigger coming soon!) Pulp Logic 1U Outs / Express / Mission Expression Pedal

Synthrotek Super Power and 19" 3U / 1U ears and rails Odyssey FRLC04 Flight Case

This setup clearly shows you can start small and don't need a large number of external modules to have fun. The secret to nerVenickels' approach is to use an ADAT interface to import/export audio and modulation CVs. The same can be accomplished with an Expert Sleepers ES-8/9 USB interface. Both approaches allow for unlimited control possibilities of the SynQuaNon Hex VCF and Hex VCA modules.

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