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Interfacing a Fishman Triple Play (FTP) with Eurorack!

There's finally a great new solution for FTP interfacing with hardware synths, namely Eurorack Modular! The key is a module from Polyend called the Poly 2:

This is a MIDI-CV converter for Eurorack. Unlike the ones that came before it, this unit is compatible with every MIDI device on the market and has 8 voices! I couldn't wait to test it with FTP. Behold! It works, not only in Poly mode, but in Mono (Hardware, Channel) mode as well. For a 6-string guitar, one can get 6 Pitch CVs, 6 Gate CVs, and 8 configurable CVs. There are a multitude of other cool features that are worth exploring, such as transposition, quantization, etc.

The FTP receiver works flawlessly in the USB Type A Host Port on the front panel of Poly 2. One interesting bonus is that the MIDI data is passed through to the MIDI Out connector as well, so one could drive a synth with only MIDI inputs as well. In my setup I plan on using Mono mode to drive 6 VCOs and 6 Envelope Generators for some serious voice layering; these can then be processed separately through VCFs and VCAs or mixed down into stereo. In Poly mode 1 VCO and 1 ADSR will do the trick!

No computers or FC-1 Foot Controllers were harmed in this test!

Here it is in my test rack:

Polyend Poly 2 MIDI-CV converter with FTP receiver in USB Host port. Pitch CV out to Make Noise STO VCO. Gate CV out to Befaco ADSR.

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