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Hexaphonic AutoWah with extra Pedal Control

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Here's another fun one that takes a familiar concept (AutoWah/TouchFilter) and expands it out to 6 channels. The result is familiar yet distinctly different from the typical monophonic version you hear on your typical guitar rig.

What I'm doing here is pretty straight forward: I'm using the Hex Envelope Follower outputs of the SynQuaNon Hex EF-Gate-Trigger module to control the cutoff frequency of each channel in the Hex VCF module. I'm also running the Hex Fuzz module in there for fun. Of course, EACH string gets it's own unique settings, so the amount of fuzz is different for each string, as are the settings for the Hex Envelope follower. It's remarkable how much you can get out of simply assigning slightly different settings to the EF and Fuzz level on each string. Oh yeah, I also use an expression pedal controlling the Master Frequency of the Hex VCF so it functions like a Wah pedal, giving me both manual and envelope control of the filter.

Once again, this is really just an example of me experimenting - There a TON that can be done with these modules, and I'm just beginning to start to scratch the surface.

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