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Hex VU Meter

For our fourth installment of the SynQuaNon Eurorack Module series, let's take a look at the Hex VU Meter!

This module is quite handy when quickly checking for active signals from your guitar, setting equal string volume levels, setting overall output levels, and more!

There are six 3.5mm jacks on the front panel for inputs, as well as a 8x3 pin header on the rear board. The latter allows you to permanently connect the Hex VU Meter to your 13-Pin Input Breakout module, Nexus Input Breakout module, 13-Pin Output Breakout module, or any other Eurorack module that makes its outputs available in the rear. This cuts down significantly on patch cables!

An important feature of this Hex VU Meter module is that the 12-LED microprocessor-controlled VU displays are programmable; you can switch between normal (full scale) and AGC (Automatic Gain Control) modes. You can also adjust response speed, peak holding, zoom, and brightness. Check out the manual on our website for more details!

Finally, in normal (full scale) mode you can adjust/calibrate the voltage levels for full scale indication with 6 trimpots on the back from 0-12V. This is by no means a precise measurement, but comes in handy when determining control voltage (CV) levels!

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