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Another Custom Eurorack Case

Here's another 12U 104HP custom case made of Padauk, a lovely exotic wood from Africa. It features the following:

> Two Mean Well RT-65B triple output power supplies

> Four ModularSynthLab filtered busboards

> 12U case design by Matthew Goike - templates are available for DIY enthusiasts

> Hand-built by yours truly and a helpful neighbor with cool power tools

Those with keen eyes will spot the RT-85B power supplies in these photos; don't get these! They inject an insane amount of noise into the power bus, to the point where the modules no longer worked correctly. I had to replace them with the lower output RT-65B versions, which ended up working perfectly.

This case will be dedicated to the Behringer Series 2500 and Series 100 modules, reissues of some of the most famous synthesizer modules made!

I'm still waiting for more of the 2500 Series modules......

The System 100 modules comprise a total of six complete synth voices! Guess what I'll use next to control these voices? Hint: it has six strings.....

All of these are quite complementary to the SynQuaNon Hexaphonic guitar processing modules as well as being full-fledged standalone synthersizers.

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