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The GK Attenuator installs in a Cycfi Research Nexus® Breakout Box between the incoming string audio channels and a user-installed Roland/BOSS GK 13-pin jack or GK Internal Kit.

Allows for better signal level matching between Cycfi Research Nu Multi® pickups and Roland/BOSS guitar synthesizers.


A custom Synth-Linx® GK cable assembly is also available for DIY GK jack installation. This cable has a connector for the GK attenuator and signal ground, along with individual connectors for all other 13-pin signals. The latter allows one to customize the Nexus® channels used for GK control voltages and power.


Note that you will need to drill the front panel in order to install the Synth-Linx® Jack.  See Nexus® GK Upgrade Custom Installation if you prefer to have SynQuaNon perform the installation.


Hand-built in the USA.

Nexus® GK Attenuator

PriceFrom $43.95
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