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The Hex Fuzz Output Expander module is an important add-on for the Hex Fuzz Amplifier, creating a large variety of tones with complete control over the mix of sounds for each of the individual channels.
The module features passive tone control circuitry that consists of low-pass and high-pass filters with cross-fade control, much like the classic fuzz pedals.


The Tone controls determine the relative amounts of each filter type.  On the rear of the module one can select two different values for each resistor and capacitor in the each of the two filter types, resulting in 16 different possible response curves for each channel.

The tone circuit outputs are fed into an active buffer with variable gain of 0.1 - 2x via the channel Volume controls.

The six EQ’d and volume-adjusted fuzz signals are each cross-faded with the clean guitar input (obtained from the Hex Fuzz Amplifier Input Thru connector) for the desired wet/dry balance.

Ideal for guitar or bass single-string processing.

Made in the USA.


Hex Fuzz Output Expander

SKU: SYEU010-2
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