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The Hex Fuzz Amplifier module is quite versatile, creating a range of distortions from gentle overdrive to full-on fuzz.

The circuitry features op amp distortion and/or hard clipping with diodes.  The diodes are user-customizable via plug-in headers on the back of the module.  The module ships with a mix of Silicon and Germanium diodes (four per channel) as a starting point.

Gain controls allow you to adjust the gain from zero to full-scale in the amplified string outputs.

The six individual fuzz outputs are mixed together and presented as a seventh output.  The output mixer amplifier has an adjustable gain of 1 - 10x (0 - 20dB)

Ideal for guitar multi-channel, single-string, or hexaphonic effects processing.

Hand-built in the USA.

Hex Fuzz Amplifier

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