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Pretty Diodes in a Row

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Here are diode carriers in fabrication for two new Hex Fuzz modules:

Each Hex Fuzz uses three of these, for a total of 24 diodes; the factory default consists of two Germanium and two Silicon diodes per channel, for a pleasing mix of fuzz characteristics. The three carriers are mounted on a Diode Board:

The Diode Board is user-configurable! In other words, one can create custom carriers with different diode types, or even transistors and LEDs in order to tailor the Fuzz to one's liking. Anything goes as long as you can still mount the Diode Board on the module's back:

SynQuaNon can provide blank diode carriers and boards; just drop us a line with your requirements. Alternatively, we can build Diode Boards to your specifications for you - have fun experimenting with Fuzz!

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