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Add this amazing 6-channel LFO to your rack!

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

I just finished watching Robin Vincent's review of the Acid Rain Technology Maestro, a 6 channel clocked modulation controller (LFO with lots of additional features and was immediately impressed! Having 6 channels of modifiable waveforms, locked in tempo with adjustable timing and muting is insane! A perfect companion for the Hex SynQuaNon VCF and Hex VCA. Because each channel can be externally triggered, the other great match is the SynQuaNon Hex EF-Gate-Trigger.

The review is lengthy, but every second is worth watching as Robin puts this amazing module through its paces - hang in there until the end, where he combines it with the rest of his performance rack for some great improvisation.

Why do I need this, when I'm processing guitar and not keyboards, you ask? Because MODULATION is the second only to tone (distortion, OD, Fuzz, amps, etc.). Having powerful modulation sources in your hexaphonic guitar processing rack is mandatory for creating truly unique sounds. I included the excellent Instruō øchd analog 8-channel LFO in the SynQuaNon 13-pin and 19-pin Demo Systems as an example; I love that module, but this Maestro is light years ahead!

I ordered one on the spot!


Download PDF • 2.37MB
Download PDF • 577KB

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